H A R P A  &  H I V E


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COLLECtion no.1


A range of leather goods designed and independently made for Harpa & Hive's Collection N⁰1.


The design direction was influenced by Mediterranean culture, informing the use of slouchy shapes, salmon skin and intricate laser-cut motifs inspired by early Byzantine symbolism.

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The project initially began with visual research into the Byzantine era, specifically the architectural structures of the churches and the detailed motifs within biblical artwork.

The research then led to a more in-depth study of mediterranean culture to inspire the general mood of the collection and to inform material choices. 

The overall outcome aimed to be a balance of tradition and modernity, structural shapes and relaxed purpose. Intricate laser-cut patterns paired with sustainable salmon leather set out to have a completely unique stance on the current accessory market.

Credit: Sophie Davidson Photography